Cycling Nutrition

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sp3Cycling Training Nutrition

Ok, I’m not going to bore you with in-depth details about what ratio of carbs to fats and protein you should eat, you can read an article on that next if you find yourself wanting more details and facts about the number crunching side of good nutrition.

Now, some of you might be doing cycling training so that you can lose weight. Still, you need to remember, if you are doing almost any kind of sports training, to get in shape, lose weight, or both, you need to eat enough to support your physical activity. What I am saying is it isn’t good to under eat. If you aren’t doing any physical training, then eating less is a perfectly fine way to lose weight, however, when you are doing sports training you need to eat a surplus of calories to make it really pay off. Your body will need those extra calories to build muscle, and to give you the energy to participate in the activities involved with whatever you are doing.



Professional Cycling

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Purists in the cycling world will tell you that road cycling is the classic and arguably most beautiful manifestation of cycle sport. Professional cycling is perhaps most famously associated with the Tour de France, a three week bicycle race around France, covering roughly 3,500 km over 21 days. The race was born in 1903 and has been run every year since, excepting for a four year gap caused by the instabilities of the First World War and a seven year sabbatical prompted by the Second World War.

Recently Lance Armstrong has elevated the level of exposure enjoyed by cycle sport, especially in the English speaking world, through his heroic fight against testicular cancer and his record seven consecutive victories in the Tour de France. To put this into perspective, one should remember that only five men before Armstrong have managed to win as many as five Tours, never mind seven. And the Spaniard Miguel Indurain was the only one of these riders to manage five in a row.

Cycling Teams

To be cycling in the Tour de France is to be

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Sports Information

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sp1No matter what sport you are betting on, you want to have the best chance possible at winning your bet. As we have said in other articles, part of successful sports betting (in fact, a BIG part of it) is math. The sports books use statistical information on different matches in order to come up with the spreads and lines you make a wager on. These statistics are based on everything from which side is receiving the most bets to which side has the best chance of winning based on points per possession, and so on.

There are two big problems for the average sports bettor when it comes to the mathematics side of sports betting. The first is that, honestly, most of us lack either the patience or the brains to really come up with those calculations on our own. A quick search around the ‘net will result in lots of sites that make it sound as if these calculations are easy but trust us, they are NOT. If they were, the books wouldn’t be making


Involvement in Sports

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Depending on the kind, there are different kinds in which sports can involve people. When we are going through tough times, we generally pay more attention to it; and when times are good, they still like it! Besides providing people with physical fitness and exercise, it also helps them in building team spirit and becoming fit mentally and socially. When we talk about a team like football and basketball, it teaches the importance of working together and developing communication skills. On the other hand, individual activities such as running and swimming help people with a sense of importance and accomplishment.

It is the joyful activity which reduces stress, burns calories, makes people healthier and even makes you feel alive and lots more. Also it is a physical activity that is played for fun and enjoyment. Many people get involved in sports because it is competitive and a source of relaxation. Even our life is characterized by many busy schedules which leave very less time to refresh ourselves. So it’s highly essential to get involved in different sporting activities. Once there’s a passion for it you will have a way to define yourself or something to live


Why NBA Sports Fans Are So Devoted To Their Game

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If you know a real fan of NBA basketball, or you happen to be one yourself, you know keeping track of games and standings is vital. Attending your favorite team’s games is extremely important, especially if you live near the city of your favorite team. Debating the latest lineups and discussing, among your NBA fan friends, the amount of points each player is averaging per game demonstrates true devotion.

NBA sports fans are sometimes a little crazy and can even go to what others may call unhealthy ends, including dressing weird and making bets that may not be wise in the normal sense of the word. This sort of obsession may seem unnatural, at least to those who are not real NBA fans, but is absolutely normal among real fans of the greatest game on earth – basketball.

For the fun of it, some NBA fans compete among themselves to see who is the most devoted devotee. This can make for some humorous situations, but usually it just means someone dresses strangely and embarrasses their family.

There are different reasons why fans love NBA sports, but some of the top reasons that have been


Sports Handicapping Explained

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If you bet on sports, or perhaps even if you don’t, you most likely know what a
sports handicapping service is. Most people know that they give out sports picks,
but what is happing behind the scenes? Are all sports handicapping services the
same? Do they really win often? What is inside information? This article will explain
the sports handicapping profession by answering these questions. While every
sports handicapping service operates in a different way, there are some common
elements integrated into each one.

Inside Information

For decades sports handicapping services have touted their “inside information” as a
reason why you should pay them. Before the Internet really took hold in the mid
1990’s, this was by in large accurate. It was necessarily that the sports
handicapping service knew the players, it was the fact that they had access to
information that, by in large, most sports bettors did not. In fact, unless you lived in
Las Vegas or knew someone, your sports information was limited to what was in the
general media.

The Internet changed all of that. Today, the average sports bettor has access to a
plethora of information. Dare I say,

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The Advantages of Online Sports

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Just one short decade ago, it was virtually impossible to engage in legal sports betting if you live in the United States or in Canada. Both countries prohibit betting on almost all organized sports, in any form at all. The exceptions have always been parimutuel betting, which is only applied to two or three different sports (among them dog and horse racing).

Outside of those sports, the only legal bets one could place on sports in North America had to be made in the state of Nevada. For whatever reason, sports betting seemed like a reasonable thing to do deep in the desert, but nowhere else.

The coming of age of the Internet has changed the face of sports betting forever. First of all, it has opened up whole new opportunities for those interested in making legal wagers on their favourite teams or events. No longer does a person have to wait to make a trip to Las Vegas in order to place a bet on the Final Four during March Madness. Instead, those bets can be placed with a Vegas bookmaker online, from the comfort of one’s own home.

And Vegas is not

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Sports Management

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There are 2 types of sports clubs; those that offer multiple disciplines in sport and those that only offer one. The more disciplines a club offers and the bigger its membership base, the more powerful it becomes. Single discipline clubs tend to be smaller than multi-discipline clubs, but in certain cases they too can rise to great power. Clubs can offer these disciplines at an amateur or professional level, or both. Clubs also offer a range of programmes including competitive, recreational and instructional programmes.

The competitive programmes are usually held in different leagues to ensure that players of all levels get a chance to compete. There are also a variety of championships and tournaments that individuals are entitled to enter under the club name. If a club is lucky and has sponsorships or enough members to bolster its coffers, it may have enough money to subsidise tracksuits or t-shirts for its members so that when they do compete in tournaments they are able to wear club colours. It is often the smaller recreational clubs who don’t have identifying club colours, but they usually make up for it with club spirit. Bigger, more professional clubs may have


Good For The Sport Of Cycling

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Slipstream cycling team may be the only American cycling team to be in the 2008 Tour de France. Their only hope is to get an invitation from the Tour de France race officials in order to enter the biggest and prestigious cycling event in the world.

After the falling out of Discovery Channel cycling team and the one before, U.S. Postal Service Cycling Team, the chances of slipstream cycling team getting into the Tour de France are great. In addition, they have signed on many top riders all around the world.

As many cyclists know, doping has been a popular issue in today’s cycling world. Many great athletes had been tested positive for either illegal drugs or illegal blood transfusions. This is why the UCI and other cycling organizations need to get on board and enact stricter policies on testing for banned substances.

Team Slipstream is different than most cycling teams. The cyclists on the team are blood tested and urine tested for more than 50 times a year and the team has enacted a strict anti-doping policy that is considered by many to be much stricter than any cycling team. These rigorous in-house

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Support Your Cycling Heroes

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The Tour de France is coming to England, so how are you going to welcome the two wheeled invasion in our nation’s capital?

For the first time in the Tour’s 104-year history, London will host the opening stages of the world’s greatest annual sporting event. The historic cycling competition spawns heroes of sporting endurance that far surpass the normal coverage given to the two wheeled sport; could the British public be set to witness the birth of a new one?

The Tour de France festival opens on Friday 6th July with the presentation of the Tour riders to the public at Trafalgar Square. The Opening Ceremony is free to the public, and is an ideal chance to get to see the riders in their Team Colours before the hard work begins.

As a casual observer of cycling (and an especially casual participant in it) this huge event coming to London has got even the laziest sports fans excited, causing many to think of ways to jump on the bandwagon and join in the fun.

Last weekend British Cycling magazine hosted a 120-mile ride from Greenwich to Canterbury, taking in some of the route the

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Pro Cycling Sport Tips

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Competitive cycling at the highest level is dominated by European based professional teams, complete with masseurs, coaches, cycling managers, directors, PR officials and of course highly conditioned cyclists who earn their living racing for a team sponsor.

The managers run the business aspects of the team, while the director sportif handles the riders during training and racing. Seasons are planned out according to targeted races and according to the strengths of the team. Often a sponsor will determine where a team races, as it is the aim of exposure to a target market that the sponsor is driving toward. This is done through winning races, or showing prominence as a team in front of the media and fans.

Road cycling has often been compared to chess in that it is a highly tactical sport, with many scenarios to be encountered and dealt with during the course of a race. Slipstreaming, bunch riding, solo attacks, teamwork and the ability to read a race all come into play when a race unfolds. Of course the physical fitness or condition of the cyclists plays a massive role in determining the outcome of a race, however the strongest climber

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Rad Ball and Cycle Bikes

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Cycle ball, if you are not familiar with this game, is otherwise known as Rad ball. It is said to be a combination of cycling and football and was invented by a German-American, named Edward Kaufmann. It is considered an unusual sport in the United States, but has been around since the late 19th century. It first gained popularity in Europe and reached the far flung shores of Asia, like Japan.

How the Game is Played

Cycle ball is a fun game to watch. It is played around a basketball field with an area of 36 x 46 feet. The play-off consists of two teams with two players per team. The players ride around the field; and using their heads and front wheels, they shoot a ball through their opponent’s goals to score a point. The team that has the most number of goals wins the game.

The Professional Player

Unlike other sports that you see on sports news, there is no money to be made in Cycle Ball. Players normally have full time jobs, and trains only during competitions. These games can cost the players a lot of money in

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Cycling Shoes Exclusive Cycling Experience

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SIDI is one such shoe manufacturing company that has been in the business for more than 50 years. For all these years, this company has been manufacturing durable, reliable, aerodynamically designed and comfortable cycling shoes for the buyers from around the world. Market analysts state that there is very stiff competition among the sports shoe manufacturing companies as it is already a highly saturated industry. In spite of being a part of such high competition, SIDI has continued to win the hearts of thousands of athletes and sports enthusiasts by providing them with handmade Italian cycling shoes, motorcycle shoes, indoor spinning shoes, mountain bike and triathlon footwear.

Currently, large number of professional cyclists from around the globe prefer wearing SIDI cycling shoes not only because of the superb designs and style but also for the assurance of comfort and safety that it provides to them. With this footwear on, cyclists get the assurance of better performance and support which is very important to win any competition. The technical department staff of this worthy company keeps on researching about various new materials and constantly try to upgrade the designs, which has helped them to deliver products according

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Comfort During Long Distance Cycling

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Cycling is one of the most popular sports in almost every country of the world. Lately, with the growing emphasis on using this “eco-friendly” means of communication as well as viewing cycling as a medium to stay healthy, it is used more widely than ever before. If you are among those who spend a considerable time cycling to work or any other place, you probably will be familiar with the fact that cycling to long distance can sometimes be extremely uncomfortable.

You can experience irritation when the cycle passes through bumpy roads and sometimes from the seat of the bike itself. To prevent this, wearing padded shorts is a good idea. Padded bike shorts are designed to protect your subsequent parts and reduce the level of discomfort by acting as a protective layer between the bike seat and you. Nowadays, with increased demand of padded cycling shorts as well as that for adventure sports, a lot of improved designs in padded shorts are easily available in the market. With the availability of extremely thin padded cycling shorts that stick to your body as a second skin and are easily wearable under your formal office wear, there

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Cycling Training Program

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Cycling has taken off as one of the most popular growing sports in the country. More and more people are getting into the sport, whether to just ride on the weekends and enjoy the scenery, or to start training for races. This creates a wide range of cyclists within the sport ranging from the very new beginners to the more seasoned, experienced cyclists who have been doing it for some time and have risen to a physical level far above the weekend enthusiast. It is these experienced cyclists that may actually benefit the most from following a proven cycling training program. Even though many of these experienced cyclists are already training and probably following some type of plan, if you don’t follow the right kind of training routine, you are simply training inefficiently.

If you are one of these more experience cyclists, then it might be a good idea to take a second look at the training you currently do. Even if it feels like you are working very hard, it doesn’t mean you are getting the most out of your workout. You have probably spent a good amount of money on your bike and other


Cycling As a Sport or Hobby

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If you are an exercise freak as well as an environment lover, then cycling is the best option. It takes care of both.

This article is being written to help you clear any confusion about taking up cycling, whether it’s a hobby or a sport. Either way, this will make sure you enjoy cycling.

You need to stay alive and injury free to enjoy riding a bicycle day in and day out, which is why the first thing to do would be to make sure that the risk of an accident is minimum. Scouting the roads for traffic intersections and densities, judging the terrain and packing all safety gear should be on the top of the priority list.

Out of all the exposed body parts, the head is perhaps the most precious, so make sure it’s protected at all costs. Wearing a helmet will make sure that your head is safe.

There is no point riding a bicycle if the rider is not comfortable. One might as well run. So make sure comfort is the most important factor while buying a cycle. Try sitting on all the possible ones in the shop to


Identifying The Three Sports Being

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Loving sports is just like loving your life. Many things like values and health benefits can be achieved when one is actively involved in any sports activities. It is nothing but the simplest yet challenging way in order for an individual to stay physically and mentally fit. Instead of sitting around or lying in your own crib, why not be outside and enjoy the heat of the sun, the company of good people and enjoy playing a chosen sport?

Some people would die just so they can play their favourite sport. Others take it as a pastime or an activity to kill time while waiting for something. Whichever it is, engaging in sports will always be your resort if you want to stay active and do something very productive. There are just so many enjoyable, fun and thrilling sports that you can choose from. Extreme sports are very popular at this point in time and the young are so deeply in love with such sport because they can feel the intense adrenaline rush running through their veins. The prestige, the fame and all the benefits makes them want to exert more effort in learning a chosen

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Essential Sport Cycling Clothing

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Cycling can be a lot of fun. It is a low impact cardio workout, so it’s really easy to get into it. Cycling is recommended for most new comers in the gym. If you are an outdoor person, choose a good sturdy bike, always do a warm up that includes stretches to avoid any aches and pains, follow traffic rules and always be vigilant.

Make sure you have all the essential cycling clothing and accessories for a smoother and safer biking experience. Here is a list of biking essentials.


A cycling helmet is extremely important, especially when you are cycling in the city or on a rough terrain. It offers protection for your head in case of any mishap. Helmets are required by law in some countries. Helmets have become lighter and trendier and they are available in a wide range of colours. While buying a helmet, make sure it has vents for cooling and air circulation, an optical visor that protects the eyes from mud and dirt, as well as pads that absorb sweat and provide a better fit.

Water Bottle

Make sure the cycle you choose has a dedicated

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All You Need to Know About Cycling

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There are literally hundreds of cycling apparels available in Singapore if you are a serious cycler who is looking to beef up your gear and give you an edge in your sport. While there are many choices to choose from, a quick read of this article will give you a better idea on the apparels that you may or may not need. They range from fashion apparels, safety, improvement and performance. They are also dependent on what you do your cycling for. For example, if you like to do a lot of dirt biking and go off road or down mountains, then there are mountain apparel that you need to think about, from pants, jackets to the shoes you need to wear.

These are more for you protection than anything else. Jacket and vests are really important if you do serious cycling because they give you an advantage of visibility, extra protection against the elements as well added protection against scraping or other injuries associated with cycling on the roads, or even competitive cycling. When looking for the right cycling apparels and jackets, you will need to decide on the base layers or internal vests you


Illegality of Betting for Sports

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Although placing a wager on sport games and matches are legal in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia, it is easy to see the negative impression on the activity by looking at the USA where only the state of Nevada has legalized betting for sports.

Why is betting for sports is illegal?

One of the driving force why making a wager on sports is illegal is due to the bad image of gambling. The bad rep on gambling goes a long way back into the earliest of times. In cultures where hard work and perseverance is valued, gambling always looked an easy and a lazy way of gaining something and as a result, the common train of thought is that something gained from it is undeserved.

Although the negative perception on the activity plays a role on the illegalization, it is really not enough. That is why we have the second and the strongest reason for why placing a bet on sports is prohibited. Addiction is the commonly cited reason why gambling is illegal. The bliss brought on by the rush of excitement as you place